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In 10th grade I had a really huge crush on my bio teacher and I was always thinking of excuses to "bump into him". Well one day It happened, but it wasnt exactly the way I planned it...

I was in line for my food and this hot biology teacher happend to be in front of me. He had really good smelling cologne on so i was standing a tad closer than I should have been. Anyway, he paid for his lunch and began to back up. Since I wasnt paying attention,he "bumped" into me. I flew backwards into the crowd of teachers along with the tray he had been holding. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me up. When i go to my feet, he stood for a minute and burst into uncontrollable laughter, he was on his knees, with a hand over his mouth and another wiping the tears from his eyes. (As was every teacher in the place) Amidst much laughter, he said to look in the mirror. I had Spaghetti on my head, the sauce dripping off my ears, pudding in my right ear, milk in my left, corn all over my front, and a mixture of it all in my face. He managed to stop laughing long enough to take a picture of me with his camera phone. I was mortified. Luckilly my mom came to take me home. That picture still sits in a small frame on his desk "reminding him of the funniest student he has ever had".
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