Nothing to show


I'm really skinny and all so I have no boobs to speak of. Well I had to go to a pool party for one of my friends. It was a girl boy party and all the popular people were invited. I'm not that popular but my friend (who's hosting the party) was a really close friend.One of the people who was going I had a crush on so I wanted to wear my 2-piece bikini. Well cause there was nothing to fill in the shape I decided to fill it with waterproof bubble rap. I went to the party and started to talk to the person I liked. Well my best friend (who noticed I had something there because she noticed how bigger they were) pushed me in the pool. My top fell off and the bubble rap was floating on the surface of the water along with my bikini top. Not only did all the people see my chest but people saw the bubble rap. The next day everyone at the party told everyone in the school. All the teachers found out too!
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