The most humiliating picnic ever


We were having a family picnic at my house. I was in my room getting dressed when my annoying little cousin walked in on me. All I had on was my bra and panties! I was screaming at him to get out of my room and he started laughing at me. I got so mad that without thinking I chased after him down the stairs and into the backyard where my mother was with my aunt and uncle (my cousin's parents) where they were all staring at me. I quickly realized that I was still in just my underwear. I was so embarrassed so I was about to run back into the house but then my mother stopped me and made me explain what had just happened in front of all of them. As usual, she took my cousin's side over mine (he said I was scaring him which was not true).

I thought I'd get grounded, but my mother instead did something that I didn't expect - she locked the door! She decided that she was going to punish me by making me stay outside for the picnic with the rest of the family - in my underwear! I begged her to let me back in but she wouldn't. More relatives came and I ran into the bushes to hide. They couldn't resist coming over to say hi.

As if I wasn't humiliated enough, my mother tells me that she'll let me go back in the house if I go to the table to eat with the rest of the family! I didn't have a choice so I did it. Everyone laughed at me as I ate, even my mother! Some even complimented me for my taste in underwear!

When I finally got back in the house, I stayed in their until everyone left.
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