Spanks at the beach!


This happened a while back, when i was 17. All of my family went to the beach to have a barbecue. It was my birthday and i having a good time body-boarding with my cousins and sister. I came out of the sea and sat down to eat.

When everyone had finished their lunch i was about to go back into the sea but my uncle told me not to. So i walked to him and asked him why not? He then went into a huge lecture about i could get cramp and drown or get stung or get eaten. just to freak me out i guess.

so i went to the sea any way. then the inevitable happened. i got a cramp and had to get out. When i told my dad my uncle overheard and brought me to one side. he said and these are the exact words:"Why didn't you listen to me, you made me look like a bad uncle, like someone who couldn't discipline you. I can and i will."

He then grabbed me and put me over his left shoulder so my head was behind his. He bared my wet butt and began to run up the beach screaming: "FREE SPANKS! FREE SPANKS!"

There were more takers than i would have thought. I was spanked by about 50 people but my uncle let everyone have 5 spanks each. By this time i had tears in my eyes but i held them in. I wouldn't let him see he had got to me.

Then I saw my crush. She was in a bikini and boy did she look hot. She told me she was going swimming. But she stood up when her family weren't looking and came to talk to me: face to face. Then she said to me: "I'm sorry but i can't resist."

She went round to my uncle and asked how hard she could spank. He answered with as hard as you want. Then she said how many times and he said for you I'd say 10.

She spanked me ten times and each time she hit my already stinging ass it hurt worse than before. I couldn't believe the strength she had. After she had spanked me, she went to walk off but she quickly spun round and kissed me on the ass and then came round behind my uncle and kissed me on the chekk and whispered into my ear: "nice ass, maybe i can see it another time soon!" - it wasnt all bad I guess!
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