Exposed as I slept


My friends and I rented a limo to go to our prom. I had worked all day prior to this at Mickey Dees. My date was a really hot guy who had tried to get frisky with me but i said I wasnt ready

Well we had a great time and I was yawning and yawning near the end and we decided to take a ride up in the hills to see the city at night

I , my date and my three friends and their dates all piled into the limo and off we went .

Well , somewhere in the ride I fell asleep on my dates shoulder. My friends thought it would be hysterical to encourage my date to take a peek at what I was wearing under my dress as I slept.

So he gently unbutton all the buttons on the front of my dress and pulled aside each part to open my dress and see me in my black lace bra , thungs , garter belt and stockings. The girls and guys then took pictures of me fast asleep with my dress wide open but it gets worse yet.

They then encouraged him to open my strapless bra and part it too exposing my boobs for all to see and more photos. Then one of the girls gave him a permanent marker and he wrote his name very gently on each of my breasts and my tummy.

They then closed all my clothing like nothing had ever happened. We went on to party and i never knew what happened though there was a lot of secret giggling going on betweent them all.

The next day I get up , take my shower and there in the mirror is my dates name written on my breasts with hands drawn next to each name and
a week later I got an envelope in the mail with pictures of me with my dress fully open with and without my bra on and of my date writing his name on my boobs

I was sooo embarassed i wanted to just crawl into a hole and die and my friens were teasin me about what a good sleeper I was and how Danny my date had really enjoyed getting to know me better!
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