Wardrobe Malfunction


I had a pair of tight denim short shorts that I loved to wear because I loved how my butt looked in them.

I went out for a walk one day wearing them along with a tank top and sneakers. I went to the park and saw a couple of cute guys. I bent down pretending to tie my shoes so they could look at my butt and my sexy legs when I suddenly heard a loud ripping sound. I already knew what it was but then the laughter of the guys pretty much told me I was right - my shorts RIPPED wide open in the back right down the middle!! My pink thong panties were now exposed and the guys couldn't stop staring! My face was so red at that point. I didn't want to show off that much. I covered up my panties as best as I could with my hands and ran away from the guys.

After I got out of the park, I then had to go
down several blocks to get back home. I walked the whole way back with my hands behind me holding my shorts together. I thought it would be less embarrassing than if I had ran like that. I walked past numerous people during that time and I don't know if any of them might have seen my panties or what they might have been thinking of me. I looked like I desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

When I got home, I threw those shorts in the trash.