Complaining About Myself


I work in a detail oriented job and one day a customer called to complain that someone he spoke with a few weeks ago selected the wrong doctor's name on his card. So I corrected it and apologized for the mistake. Being that this was the second call I recieved for the same mistake that day, I promptly emailed my immediate supervisor and the department manager about telling the staff to be more careful. I explained the mistakes of a few are embarrasing the company and makes us look silly in front of the customer. I also explained in the email how I am thorough enough to ask the right questions of the customer in order to select the correct name from our database. I also gave the identification number of the customer in question so that the management could see for themselves what I was referring to.

Proud of my eagle eye and attention to detail, I hit the Send button and went to break.

When I got back from break I excitedly opened my email to read my immediate supervisor's reply. She CC'd the manager saying that in fact that particular example I mentioned in my email was MY mistake. It seemed when the customer called a few weeks earlier it was ME who took the call and it was ME who selected the incorrect name from the database. My supervisor suggested nicely that I take my own advice.

I cannot believe I did that! I could have at least not given the customer id # so that the management would have not been able to see it was me. Needless to say, I will be much more careful about complaining in the future.
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