The Fart Heard Around The World


My dad and brother (he was 5 at the time) had this joke that they would always pull on each other at home...

My dad would always fart, and then say "Chad!" To which my brother would reply "No Dad! That was you dad! That was you!"
Of course we always thought this was so funny, because my brother would think that my dad was really blaming him.

One day, my dad and brother went into a local store. While waiting in line with 5 older ladies behind them, my brother let out a huge fart. And darted around to my dad and yells "DAD!"

Everyone just looked at my dad in disgust with the smell in the air.

My dad grabbed my brother and took him out into the car.
As if my dad wasn't mad enough, he turns to my brother and says "Don't you ever do that again in public!"
To which my brother replies.... "what's public?"

Needless to say, we still love to hear that story at the family reunions...
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