Kodak Roller Coaster Moment


in grade 12, i went to this amusement park with several friends. well, lets just say i wasnt very well dressed for the trip, but it was too late...oh do i ever wished i had gotten a t shirt there...that day i wore this tank top that was a little loose and shorts.

i went on this really scary ride with my friends that took pictures of you (supposedly) screaming...when the ride slowed, i suddenly realized my top had bunched up around my armpits and had revealed my boobs! hoping no one saw, i quickly pulled it back down...

i got off and ran over to the phto booth to look for my picture. i noticed the photo guy smiling at me...i wasnt sure why. well, i found it, after my friend screamed "omg jess! u gotta come look at this!!" to my horror, the camera had taken a picture with me half naked! my top had flown up cuz of the force of the ride going down. needless to say, i ran away immediately and my freinds bought that picture for me. my friends still tease me bout it today...ill never forget that day!
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