Target for Pantsing


I guarantee I hold a record for most pantsing in High School.
The first time I was pantsed was in my first year. I was simply standing in the middle of a group, and someone grabbed them and pulled them down like lightening! What's worse is I had undies featuring planes and motorcycles.

The second time it occured in the canteen, while I was again wearing some more brightly embarrassing underwear, much to the delight of three giggling girls nearby.

I was standing around in line at school, during sport, talking to these two girls I knew.
Out of the blue I felt my pants coming down to my ankles. I stood helplessley as someone had appropriately pantsed me before the entire crowd, much to the amusement of the two girls.

Next it happened in the library

And finally on a school outing, in the rain, leaving me to walk with a wet patch.

There didn't seem to be any rational explanation for my constant target, but I guess we all have our misfortunes. Maybe I should have just bought a belt.
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