Dont even think of messing with your sister


My sister and I have had a long rivalry when it comes to humilliating (I dont care if I spelled it wrong) eachother. I thought I had her beat when I mailed her boyfriend a picture of her changing, a bra and a thong. She would seek revenge.

Every year, my family would have a Christmas party for all my relatives at my house. Earlier that day, I threw an ice ball at her face, and left her with a bright pink cheek. My mom said I would be punished in the future.

I went to go take a shower. While I was in there, my sister snuck into the bathroom and stole my clothes! I didnt notice till I got out, and all she left was my pair of whitey tighties. I figured either she was being nice or she had dropped them. I put them on and left the bathroom. I didnt care if my mom and sister saw me in my white briefs (theyre usually all I wear on weekends) so I just went up to my room to get some clothes and all of them were gone! I knew my sister took them and when I complained to my mom, she told me I shouldnt have messed with my sister. I was barely able tomake it through the Christmas party, having spent most of the time in my room.

The next day, the only bit of clothes I got back were a clean pair of whitey tighties. My sister was having a slumber party that night and I was begging for my clothes back. (All of her friends are wicked hot) She told me I could get my clothes back if I went outside, filled my briefs with snow, and dropped them in front of all of her friends. I refused but she wouldnt take no for an answer. During her party, two of her friends grabbed me and she kicked me as hard as she could in the balls. Her friends then tied me up. I was in the worst pain of my life. A few minutes later, she came in with a bucket of snow, and asked me if I would take another hit, or proceed with the snow. I chose the hit so she kicked me in the balls again. She then also started with the snow. By then, I didnt care. She had beat me and it couldnt get worse.

She knows Ill get revenge as soon as my voice pitch goes back down!
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