Overexposed in Queensland..


Well, I guess my story isn't as bad as some, but to me, it was absolutely humiliating. I live in Queensland Australia, and it gets quite hot here in summer, (around 48 degrees C which is nearly 130 degrees F) and one of the best things to do in that kind of heat is to go swimming. The best place for swimming is a place on the Gold Coast called Surfers Paradise, where the beaches are the best.

Anyway it was a rainy day, but still really hot so my best friend Teddy and I decided that we would catch the train there and go for a bit of a swim in the surf. But to get to the actual beach from the train station there, we have to walk through the shopping mall arcade and along the Esplanade (boardwalk) which is always packed. I was wearing a bikini top and shorts at the time and the top was the kind that just ties up at the back of your neck.

Well anyway, my best friend was carrying my bag, and he was talking to me about where the nearest flags were so we could swim between them, and I was carrying the umbrella that we'd brought in case it rained on us on the way back to the train station to get home.

Anyway, we were both babbling away when some guy came up behind me and pulled the string to my bikini-top so that it fell down exposing my entire chest. It was completely embarrassing, but I did get my own back when I spun around because as I did, the umbrella I was carrying came up and slammed right into the poor guy's nuts... Owwy. And his mate who thought it was all so funny, didn't think so for very much longer, because as his friend fell to the ground in agony, Teddy, realizing what had happened, turned and slugged him in the face, while I tried to get my top back in place. Hundreds of people were walking past us and I'm sure quite a few guys got a bit of a perv, but I just acted as if I wasn't ashamed of the fact that everyone had just seen my naked boobs...
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