Caught by the exchange student!


When i was in 10th grade, my mother decided that she wanted to have a german exchange student living in our house. Once she got off the plane i was hot for her. She was so beautiful. after a couple of days here she went away from the house to explore the surroundings. i was minding my own business when i wanted to go somewhere. i was going into my room to get my wallet when i passed her room. i went in and saw a bag under her bed i looked in it and it was all her dirty clothes that she had worn since she got here. i looked through and found a pair of panties. i quikly went into the bathroom and began mastubating with them. little did i know i forgot to lock the door to the bathroom. she came home a little early and ,after a long car ride, needed to use the bathroom. she came in and saw me with her panties masturbating. we just stared at eachother for what seemed like an eternity. eventually she said sorry and quikly left the room. when i left the bathroom she was standing there. i calmly left the bathroom as if nothing had happened and handed her her panties.

The remainder of the year she had to spend with us was very awkward
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