The Panty Revenge


I used to attend a school that was very strict in enforcing its dress codes. However, that never bothered me, because I always dressed very conservatively anyway. But there was a clique of girls who were always trying to bend or break the rules. One time, I learning that these girls had stopped wearing panties (major offense!), so I reported them to one of my teachers, and all those girls got in big trouble. Unfortunately, my teacher was so freaking stupid, she actually told them, "Jenny says that you've been breaking the dress code." So they all knew that I was the one who had snitched on them! Even the weakest one of those girls was strong enough to kick my ass, so I desperately tried to avoid them every day. A few days later, though, they found me when I was walking home from school. They surrounded me, and they looked angry enough to tear me to pieces, so I began begging them not to hurt me. But a couple of them shoved me down to the ground, and while I was on my back, they pulled off my skirt and panties. Then, they lifted me into a sitting position, and tore off my blouse and bra, so I was left wearing NOTHING except my shoes! I got back up onto my feet, and I tried to use my arms to cover my chest and crotch, but one of the girls snarled at me, "We didn't say that you could cover your stuff. Keep your arms at your sides, you dumb little bitch." I was literally shaking with fear, and I willing to do anything just to make sure that they didn't hurt me, so I did what she said, and I left myself total exposed. They thought that was hilarious, and they all began laughing at me, insulting me, and tormenting me any way they could. They made fun of my small breasts, they laughed like crazy over the fact that my panties had little cartoon animals printed on them, and every once in a while one of them would give me a stinging slap on my butt. One of the girls dangled my panties in front of my face, and asked, "Would you like to put these on?" I said, "Yes, please!" She smiled, and then she pulled the panties over my head as if they were a hat! "See?" she said, "You got us in big trouble for not wearing these. But now your ARE wearing panties, and it sure as hell isn't doing you any good!" They were practically rolling on the ground with laughter. My feelings of helplessness and humiliation were so intense, I actually began to cry.

I wish that I could say that my ordeal ended right there, but it didn't! By now, the girls were running out of ideas on how to torment me, so one of them asked, "What should we do with her?" And another one said, "I know! Let's take her someplace where there are a LOT of boys!" I begged, "No! Please don't do that!" But the fact that the idea made me so upset convinced them that it was the right thing to do. There were always a lot of boys who played basketball in a nearby park after school, so the girls took me over there. Sure enough, the place was PACKED with guys from my school. The girls made me march out into the middle of the park, wearing nothing but the shoes on my feet, and the cartoon-printed panties...on my HEAD! My breasts, crotch, and butt were TOTALLY exposed. The boys couldn't believe what they were seeing. They all gathered around me, ogling my body, and laughing like crazy. As if that weren't bad enough, the girls even ordered me to turn around a few times, just to make sure that every boy there got a chance to see EVERYTHING.

Geez, I have to end this story here, because I don't even want to think about this anymore.
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