Swimming And Running Naked


I live on the beach and my friends and I go swimming a lot. One day we were out swimming and having a great time. I was feeling great until my jerk friend sneaks up behind me and tears my bikini off me completely. So there I am in the middle of the beach completely naked, and instead of giving me my swimsuit back my friend decides to run away with it. Not knowing what else to do I chased after him covering myself up as best as I could. He was much faster than me so the chase went on for a while. Which gave most everyone at the beach with a camera enough time to take pictures of my naked body. My friend starts to run back to everyone else and all of a sudden I see them all running towards the car and they drove off before I could catch up. I was scared out of my mind, knowing now I would have to run all the way home naked. When I finally got home I realized I didn't have my keys. So I had to wait for my boyfriend to come home and let me in. He asked me what happened and I told him the whole story. I WILL GET REVENGE!
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