So i was getting ready to go hang out at my friends, there was about 5 girls and 4 boys..... We were all sitting on beach chairs and then we deicided to go into the pool. We were having a lot of fun. Two of the girls got out, they were getting kind of cold. Then after about five minutes the rest of the girls and 2 guys get out. So i was left alone with two guys. They were snicking about something..but i didn't mind them. Then i urn abround to gegt out of the pool...and one of the guys undo my bathing suit top!! And then the pulled down my bottoms..They took them and ran out of the pool. I was left in the pool with no cloths. So i decided to make a run for it to one of the beach chairs where my clothes was......when i got there...The onlt thing that was left was some belly shirt (its was like for a 4th grader.. i am 16) and a really short skirt....No Bra No Underwear.. So i put on the clothes.....The shirt was soo small..My BooBs were sticking out of the bottom of it.. Then i walk inside the house to try to find my friends.They were all gone!!! They left me! SO i had to walk 5 miles home..and all these cars were honking and stuff. I felt like an IDIOT! When i got home i told my twin sister everything.. She started to crack up!!! LOL!

The next day when i went to school everyone was laughing at me... I walk up to my riend and start yelling at her.. She told me to calm down and shit....

Then homeroom started.. and the halls becan to clear. My sisters pops out fromt he corner and tapes my ex friend to the wall...Then i take off her shirt....Stupid of her she didn't wear underwear! And then i take of her pants and walk away with my sister...After homeroom ended everyone was going to switch classes and then they saw her and started to laugh..It was sooo funny..!!! LOL!! but then she told the princibal and the prinibal told my mom.And my mom said my friend would have to pick the punishment for me! I had to wear a diaper and a bib for the rest of the week...

But i didn't care because my revenge on her was sooo much worse!!! LOL!!
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