First Impressions


I work as a part time teacher and was running late for my first class of 10th graders. My students were allready in class when I walked in with both hands full of books and supplies. The weather was nice out and all of the windows were opened. When I opened the door the crosswind allmost pushed me over but worse it sent my coat dress flying. I was trying to get the door closed when I heard wistles in class. It was then I realized I was standing in front of my class toatally exposed from the waist down. The wind had loosened my dress from the belt at the waist and the flap was behind me. Worse I had to set my books down to pull it back together and then realized I had fogotten my underwear. Totally naked!! I was in such a hurry for school I had left my thong on my bed fogetting to put it on. Even the girls were staring as I had to use both hands to get my dress back together. I must have turned 3 shades of red as I exused myself before trying to finish teaching class.

I sure got the attention of my class but I didn't plan it that way!
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