Mums dont bluff!!


It was the day before the first day of school. My mother and I were arguing about my clothes. She felt that the skirt I was planning to wear for the first day was not lady-like and she had picked out some more 'appropriate' clothing for me to wear. I told her that I should be able to wear what I want and she said that if I didn't dress the way she wanted me to, I'd go to school naked. I said fine and then she left.

The next mrning, she woke me up to get ready for school. She said it wouldn't take me long to get ready since I was going naked today. I figured she was bluffing so I decided to call her bluff. She was bringing me to school so I got in the car completely naked, not even shoes. All I brought was my bookbag and then we left the house. I just wanted her to cave in and let me choose my own clothing.

I knew there was no way she'd bring her own daughter to school like this, but I was wrong. She did just that! She parked right in front of the school where everyone was. I started to panic. She told me to get out of the car and I wouldn't. I thought after this she'd finally drive us back home, but she instead got out of the car and went over to my side and opened the door! I quickly climbed into the backseat before anyone could see me naked. I begged my mother to close the door and take me back home.

I apologized for our argument and then she drove us a block away from the school. She got a dress out of the trunk for me to wear.
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