Birthday Spanking from hell


Ok, it was my birthday last week so I invited about 50 friends round for a pool party in our pool. We have a big slide which i like a lot. well anyway, my best friends, Tom and Brad had been planning something and i didnt know what so i was very cautious when around them.

About an hour into the party all the hot girls started turning up in bikinis and i had decided that i wanted to impress them. so i went to tom and brad and told them to follow me. we went to the top of the slide and i got ready to go down the slide into the middle of the group of girls. i was sitting down when tom grabbed the waistband of my shorts and started to pull.

I tried to twist and turn onto my belly but it just made it worse. when i was lying down brad shoved me down the slide but tom still had my shorts. then it happened. my shorts ripped and i flew down the slide naked.

i splashed into the middle of the girls with nothing on and started to swim away. when one girl grabbed my ankle. she brought me close and thne said to the other girls. "i don't think ryan has had his birthday spanking"

They all grabbed me and dragged me to the edge of the pool. where brad and tom lifted me up and out of the water and pulled me to a chair. they shoved me down face-first and held my arms down.

another guy grabbed my legs as all the girls came over.

tom said "he's 14, so give him 14."

then all these girls started to slap my butt. it stung like hell but i insisted on not crying. when they had finished and i had been spanked about 300 times. brad and tom went off to talk to some older girl.

three girls called fiona, amy and becky came over and started giggling. They then grabbed me and flipped me over.

"Oh, you are bigger than we had thought." then they ran home.

well over all it was a pretty good party,quite a few girls flashed their boobs at it wasnt all bad! ;)
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