Messing with Seniors


I went to a school dance and had a great time, everything was going great. I asked this really hot chick to dance with me (i am a freshman, she was a junior), so she did and it was awesome. After we where done dancing this guy who is a senior said that I danced with the girl he was going to ask, and I just sort of shrugged and walked away.

Later that night when I was leaving, I was walking home and decided to cut across the football field. So I did and as I was walking some guys came out from behind the bleachers, I noticed one was that senior I mentioned earlier. He walked up to me and told me to take off my cloths. I said no and tried to keep on walking but he pinned me down on the ground and him and his friends stripped me down to absolutley nothing, not even socks. I tried to get away but then he started punching me. He told one of his friends to take my cloths and put them somewhere where I wouldn't be able to get them. When that guy came back he brought a couple of hot girls and I started to get a boner, he also had duck tape and the next thing I know they dragged me over to the playground where the bike rack is, and they duck tape my dangs and legs to the bike rack, then they start taking pictures and leave me there. I was there for what seemed like hours. I saw a car pull up to a house across the street. Someone got out but I couldn't see who it was, so I hollered over there and asked for some help. So then some guy who seemed drunk came over and got me loose. So I had to sneek home in the dark, totally naked. I made inside my house and into my bed without making much noise, that was on a Friday night. Then on Monday and the first thing I saw when I opened my locker was one of those pictures of me taped inside the door. Since then people keep looking at me funny.

That was my most embarrassing moment ever.
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