Duct taped and pantsed


I had heard about the pranks that the senior girls used to play on the freshman girls the first week of high school, but I figured I'd be safe cuz my sister was a senior the year I was coming in. Boy was I wrong! There were a couple of girls who didn't like my sister, and so they decided they'd prank me real good. I had no idea what was coming.

I ran into one of them when I was at school early one morning heading to first period. The halls were still pretty empty. She suddenly grabbed my purse off of me and threw it over the stairwell railing. I reached out to try and grab it before it fell, but didn't know her other friend was halfway down the stairs waiting for me to do just that. She grabbed onto my wrists and pulled me half over the railing, so I was bent over the staircase at the waist. She then started taping my wrists to the railing with duct tape, and the first girl taped my ankles to the same rail! I started yelling at them, but they just laughed and said I was a stuck up b***h like my sister.

That wasn't the worst of it! They then lifted up my skirt and said they were gonna pull down my panties and call over all the boys! I begged them to let me go, but they just laughed and then tugged down my underwear to my ankles! The hallway was just starting to fill up with other kids coming in for first period, and there I was bent over with my bare butt up in the air! I was so humiliated!!! I heard them calling people over and lots of people starting to laugh at me, including some guys, and I even saw a camera flash! I couldn't barely move and just kept struggling and yelling for someone to help. Eventually one of the teachers came out, and I barely remember getting let loose and taken to the principals office, because I was so embarassed and crying. I never found out who took the picture, and I cringe to think about it to this day.
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