Bras are not just for Girls


One day my mom made me go school shopping with her. We went to the Staples at the local mall. When I was there, I saw my friend and asked my mom if I could hang with him, since she had my school list and had everything that I needed to get. She said okay, so off we went.

Well, my friend had just bought a new video camera with his birthday money. So we went around like retards filming stuff, but the mallcop eventually told us that we couldn't film anymore - we either had to stop or to leave the mall. So my friend just hides it inside his jacket and is still able to film things...

We then saw some girls from school in a clothes store, so we went to say hi. We talked for a while and were joking around when my friend comes up with a dare. He told me he would give me $25 if I walk into one of the changing rooms, strip, put on a bra and thong, and stay in the stall for five minutes. Well, me being incredibly stupid, said "why not?", thinking that $25 is pretty good money for a stupid dare. So I try to secretly take a red bra with a matching bra, but my friend said no, that he gets to pick them out. I said "Okay, but you have to pay me thirty bucks instead of 25". He agreed and he picked out a thong that says "Kiss my ass" with big red lips all over it, and he gives me a bra that says "naughty one" on one part and girl on the other.

That wasnt it though - He also said that I have to stuff my bra with some tissues he has, and then I walk into the stall, strip, and then start changing. The thong hurt a little, but being that I am pretty small down there, its not that bad. I stuff the bra and tell my friend okay, and he starts timing on his watch.

Now, im counting along with him, and when there is about one minute left, he runs into the stall with the two girls, knocks me down, and starts filming me! They were all laughing hysterically but trying to keep it down so they werent heard. One of the girls(Kristen) took my clothes and said that if I want them back I have to do exactly what they tell me to do. I had to agree, realizing that even if I run away, I am still in a bra and thong. So they told me to spank myself and say " Check me out, don't I turn you on?!" - then they made me turn over and they focus the camera on my dick - they were all laughing at the small bulge and started calling me "baby dick". Then they gave me a spanking and called me things like "fag" and "queer". It was so humiliating that I started to cry...They then gave me the most painful wedgie ever, and it practically squeezed my balls apart. After a few minutes of that, they left me my shirt, shoes and pants but took my underwear and said to me that I have to wear the bra and thing for the rest of the school week or everyone will see the video they took.

My friend gave me the thirty dollars and they made me take off my bra and thong, fold them up, and buy them from the store. I had to sneak them back to my mum and then back home without anyone else seeing them.

The next day at school, I didnt wear them, thinking "how is my friend going to know if i am wearing it or not? Im wearing a sweatshirt and dark jeans". But at the end of the day, my friend ambushed me in the bathroom, and, him being much stronger than me, was able to pull my pants down.. He saw that I wasnt wearing the thong, he said " You'll be sorry for this!".

I wasnt planning to go to school the next day but my mom made me. I get there to find everyone laughing and pointing at me. I know they found out and just tried to hide myself as much as possible. I found out that my friend put the video of me online and told people to check out the site and tell other people to go see it. Basically, everyone in my grade and half of the rest of the kids in the town saw it. That week was the worst of my life. I was given countless wedgies, stripped and thrown into the hall several times, and forced into women's underwear a couple of times. I was so miserable that I had to switch schools and start over. No one knew about it at my new school and I swore never to tell anyone.

That was the worst time of my life, and if I ever see my ex-friend again, I am going to beat the sh*t out of him. Needless to say, I will never take stupid dares agian, thanks to my most embarrassing moment.
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