PE Disaster


I can remember when i was at high school...Here's my embarrassing story...

I was at the gym during the P.E. class. My teacher suggested to study doing a stretch. I guess he was just trying to teach the class. My gymshorts were kind of big on me around the waist, and when I thrust my arms up over my head, my gymshorts dropped down to the floor around my ankles! I was so flustered bending down to pull them back up, becuase all my classmates were looking by now and laughing, that as I pull them up,I lost my balance and fell flat to my face. Oh gosh! My nose was bleeding and I was sent to the nurse's office for an icepack. I was sooooo painfully bloody embarrassed. Besides, I wore white underwear ( not boxers ) - The whole school knew about it, talked about it and picked on me for ages.

Fortunately, My teacher got me another pair of shorts that can fit on around my waist :)
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