Chocolate Milk


This story happened in forth grade. I woke up with my tummy feeling a little funny but I didn't think too much about it. It was almost time for lunch and I realized that my stomach really didn't feel good. For some reason, I thought if I didn't eat but drank some chocolate milk I would feel better. I used my lunch money to buy two of those little pints of school chocolate milk. Drinking those did make me feel a little better so I got 2 more. Then 2 more. Total of six chocolate milks in about 5 minutes. Big, big mistake.

Everyone around me was eating and talking when all of a sudden my stomach started doing flip flops. My mouth started to water and my upper lip broke out in a sweat. Uh-oh. I put my hand over my mouth and ran for the restroom. I didn't make it to the bathroom but I did make it out of the cafeteria. I left a little trail of puke down the hall but to my immense relief, at least I didn't barf right in front of everyone. I went to the bathroom, washed out my mouth, and went back to the cafeteria and joined my class, assuring everyone I was fine.

Fast forward about 15 or 20 minutes. Most of the class is back from lunch, a few girls still lingering in the girls bathroom for the requisite after lunch potty break. My tummy starts to churn again, same sweat on the upper lip. But this time, I don't know if I felt too sick to move or was scared to get up and run out again or what.

I sat there for a minute or two, with that miserable sick feeling in my stomach, dreading what was coming but somehow thinking, "It can't happen again" when... it does. BLAH - I puke all over my desk. I hear everyone around me saying "eeew" and gross". I was so embarrassed. The teacher tells me to go the office and call my mom.

As I make my way down the hall, clutching my poor sick stomach, I hear this twit named Bertha go in the girls room saying "Carl threw up again, Carl threw up again". The girl Julie who sat in front of me says "Oh lord, my coat". "It didn't get on your coat" Bertha informs her,"But almost." Uhhhh. They come out of the bathroom and see me on my way to the office. "Carl are you Ok?" asks Julie. I had a crush on Julie and I didn't want to face her after the humiliation of puking in class, almost on her coat no less. I open my mouth to answer, when, you guessed it. My stomach heaves again and I puke right in front of her, all over the hall tiles. She jumps back as it splashes everywhere.

This must go down as the most embarrassing day of my life.
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