A Birthday Spanking!


This is not my most embarrasing moment as I seem to have had many but it does rank highly.

I was just approaching my 19th birthday when the people I worked with decided to give me one of those special moments that i'll never forget.

I worked on a bar in a small nightclub. I had just arrived for work. The club had not opened yet but was due to soon.

As I walked across towards the changing rooms my friends and colleagues jumped me. Struggling was pointless and I was striped off down to my T-Shirt and Pants. To make things worse I was wearing coloured briefs (I did wear boxers but this was not one of those days)

A table was then pulled into the middle of the dance floor and I was taken over to it. The club was then opened (The manager was in on it) and a sign was put up next to me saying "spank the birthday boy"

As you can imagine the first people that came in were very amused. None of the customers took up the offer but I did not get away with it as the staff were all too willing to demonstrate by taking it in turns to spank me, at first they took it easy but after a few mins they were really swinging. This culminated in a mass rapid spankfest as hard as they all could. By the time they let me go I was begining not to see the funny side.

To finish me off they did not return my trousers for over an hour and I had to work the first part of my shift in just my work polo shirt and briefs.

On the positive side I was chatted up more times that night than ever before.
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