Caught naked by my girls friends


My girlfriend and I were at her house for New Years Eve. It was my girlfriend, me, 5 of her girlfriends, and her sister all hanging out in her sisters room.

My girlfriend and I decide to go to her room, leaving her friends and her sister in the other room. Or so we thought. She was kind of drunk and decided to pull my sweat pants down, leaving me standing in my boxers. Not for long though. Then she tells me to look at something, I did, and she starts to pull my boxers down as well, but as she is pulling my boxers down, her friends were coming out of her sisters room and into her room, where we were. We didn't even hear them though. So just as my boxers are coming down and around my ankles, all 5 of her friends walk in.

You would think that them being her friends that they would not look or try and get out of the room quickly. They all stood there staring at my penis.. I tried to pull up my pants as quick as possible, but of course my boxers and pants got tangled which made it feel like my penis was exposed forever!

My girlfriend would never live that down, b/c all of her friends would joke with her about seeing my penis, and this made her so mad. I was so embarrassed about the whole situation and still am.
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