Nude wife surprise!


I got off of work early one day last month to take my dad to the clinic for his check up and to also take my dog by the vet for his shots, trying to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. After picking up my dad I told him I was gonna stop by my house and pick up Bullet (the dog) and run him by the vet while dad got his check up.

My wife and I live in the country, about a quarter of a mile down a path, so we have lots of privacy, last year I built a deck behind the old tobacco barn where she could sunbathe in the summer,it was across the path from our house, and you could see if anyone was coming down the path as soon as they turned off of the man road. My wife is 31 and loves the outside, she hardly ever wears anything when she lays out, anyway to make a story short, I tried calling her on the way but she had her cell phone off, so i turned off the main road on to the path and when I came around the curve there she was coming from around the barn, walking to the house, with nothing on but her flip flops and her little Laura Croft sunglasses and a bottle of suntan lotion in her hand. I started honking to try to get her attention to let her know that my dad was in the truck with me, since she probably figured it was just me. She had turned and was yelling at Bullet because he was barking and by the time she turned back around we were right up to her.

When she saw dad in the truck she just froze, she put one arm around her breasts and the other hand with the suntan lotion betwen her legs. She said, "what a surprise!" her face was as red as a beet, she said Hi to dad and I yelled for Bullet to jump in back of the truck and he did. My wife was still standing there beside my door with her arms in strategic postions. She then said "as soon as you guys leave I'm going to the house and put my bikini on" so I told her bye and we left, watching her in the rear view mirror as we left, she was still standing still watching us.

Dad then said "I'm gonna tell the doctor to double check the old ticker because i think it just skipped a few beats!", then we both laughed.

I had never seen my wife that embarrassed before!
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