Weak Bladder in the cinema..


I have a very small bladder, and one time i was at a movie cinema with my friends. we went to go see a funny movie (I forget which one..), and we were just getting in. Well, we did the usual : bought drinks and snacks. So, we get into the movie, and by about half way through the movie, id drank my entire drink (and it was the biggest size there was). It was finally getting to the good parts, and i'm sitting in my seat, squirming away, because of my filling bladder, and the funniest parts are on.

Now, i'm with my friends, and they see my squirming around - one of the funniest parts comes on, and i'm laughing a little bit, because i'm now afraid that i might pee myself. well, the person next to me(my friend), starts laughing really hard, and i could tell he was faking, but then he starts throwing his arms around. i could tell this was planned by the way he did it. well, one of his hands hit me in the area of the bladder, and i just exploded. i just started peeing all out. a huge cup's worth of soda in my pants. i was so surprised by this, that i just sat there. i didn't bother trying to stop the flow, because i knew i couldn't. I was so embarrassed after, because i had to ride my bike home in thirty degree weather - I about froze my butt off because the pee turned to ice when I left the cinema...

I was so embarrassed. I hate my small bladder!
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