Hide and Seek?


I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 18. We have been having a pretty busy hurricane season so I always stay with him and his family during the hurricanes. During the last one we lost power at his house. We were both feeling really horny so we decided to go have sex in the exercise room (his room is too close to his parents room). So we went in there and we were having sex on the floor when I noticed a flashlight beam under the door. I jumped up and hid in a dark corner wearing nothing but a shirt. He still had his shirt on and had only gotten his boxers about halfway up (enough to cover himself) when his mom opened the door and shined the flashlight in his face. Now he was wearing a shirt, had his boxers half way up and his pants around one ankle. His mom goes "What are you doing?" He goes "um, um, playing hide and seek?" She said "With who?" And his response was "Myself". She never tried to find me but instead just turned around and walked away. It wasn't funny at the time but now it makes for one hell of a funny sex story.
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