My Crazy Cousin


My cousin Melissa is a very odd girl. She is quite pretty and has a great body as she works out frequently. Yet she can never help but be weird at some of the worst times. My friend Nick and I were going on a road trip to Florida with her and my aunt. Well my aunt hates AC and never turns it on off matter how hot it is. Well my cousin came prepared yet I had no idea that she did. Well we stopped at a gas station and she got out to go to the bathroom. Now what I mean by prepared was that she wore a very thin trench coat and thats it. Not even underwear, which makes this all the more embarassing. Anyway it must of felt like being completely naked wearing that coat only because that is what she walked out of the bathroom as. At first I didn't notice her nudity until her boobs rubbed against my arm when she got back into her seat. At this point every man in the station was whistling at her and one of them even tried to pinch her butt, and to add onto the embarrassment she grabbed the guys family jewels in retaliation.

Well, she is my cousin and I love her to death but she is just so weird!
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