Taking an unexpected shower


In 10th grade I had Chemistry, and Chemistry lab. Every chem lab had to have all this safety stuff, and one of them was a shower in case you caught on fire. During the first lab the teacher told us to look out for each other, and if someone was on fire to put them in the shower and help them. She said that we shouldn't even stop to tell her, just put them in the shower.

There were these bunch of girls who hated me (I don't know why) and one lab we were using a bunsen burner. The teacher left the room for like 5 seconds and all of a sudden one of the girls screams and the 4 of them take me and throw me into the shower pulling the lever. So alot of water comes down on me, knocking me down. I was wearing a tank top and a bra, and a skirt so you couldn't see anything even when the water got me wet (phew!).

When teacher comes back and tries to find out what happened, I told her I wasn't on fire, and that they did simply because they didnt like me, but she didn't believe me and thought they did the right thing if they even suspected I was on fire! Unbelievable. I NEED to get those girls back!
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