A Great Class Presentation


I had a big project do for science class, one where you have to stand up in front of the class, and make a presentation complete with handouts an all that stuff.. So i picked out the most flattering outfit i had - a modest skirt that was above my knees and one of the those wrap tops that just sort of wrap around you. I choose not to wear a bra becouse it looks better without one.

Well, my turn came for my presentation. I got up there. and I was full of confidence. I was talking clearly, and read my presentation well. Finally I finished, and asked if anyone had any questions or comments. My teacher raised his hand. I said "Yes?", and he said "Jen, you're partially exposed!". I looked down, and my top must have gotten loose during all of my moving around - my breast was definatly in view for all that time!

I turned so red, grabbed my stuff and sat down, way to the back of the class!
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