Farting in an elevator


My partner and I were going to an office building to interview a witness in a crime. I had some tremendous gas building up and I knew that I was really going to unleash something awful. We had just pulled up in the parking lot and I realized that the witness was on the sixth floor.

I thought that if I could wait until we were on the elevator, my partner would be trapped and not be able to escape. We got on the elevator and I pushed the button for the sixth floor. The doors closed and I released this hideous thing. It was the color of a Hawaiian sunset. My partner was about to pass out when suddenly, the elevator stopped on the third floor and a woman got on the elevator. I had not counted on that possibility.

I don't know what floor she was going to but she got off in a hurry on the fourth floor.

It was all we could do to keep from laughing while she was on the elevator with us.
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