Meet My Naked Parents!


One night, after playing a concert, a few friends and i headed to a party. My new boyfriend and i started making out. At about 4 in the morning, we went home. we were planning on staying at his house, but when we got there, we were locked out. We then drove out to my house and let ourselves in.
Being hungry, we went to the kitchen, which is near my parents bedroom. As we were looking through the cupboards, we heard someone say something, We turn around, and there is my dad, completely nude!

My boyfriend bursts out laughing, i screamed "DAD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!" then turn, grab my boyfriend, and turn him around (he was to busy laughing). My dad stands there for a minute, asks "what are you guys doing here?" then goes to bed.

This was the very first time my boyfriend met my dad, and although it didnt embarrass either of them, it was beyond mortifying for me.
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