Im in here honey!


Last weekend me and my husband invited my mom over for some BBQ and to get some sun by the pool. It started to get late and my husband goes to work early so he said he was going to turn in. My mom gave him a hug and said she would be leaving soon also. Before she left I wanted to hear about this guy she had been seeing,so we ended up talking for a couple more hours. I heard my hubby walking through the living room so I said "I'm in here honey". Next thing I know he jumps into the family room naked with a massive hard on. He then sees my mom sitting next to me,yells Oh s*#% and dives being the loveseat. Me and mom look at each other and busted out laughing. He poked his head out and said I thought you were leaving. He then started apologizing to my mom. She told him not to worry,and that she was happy to see him too. I decided to have some fun with him and went to get him something to put on. So I brought him a pair of my pink thong panties. My mom told him she would get him a towel,so she brought him a little dish towel from the kitchen. By now,even he is laughing at the situation. He grabbed a couple of pillows from the loveseat to cover himself and started to walk back to the room. I jumped in front of him and tried to grab the pillows from him and told my mom to grab the one from the back. He said the hell with this,droped the pillows and ran back to our room while me and mom laughed our heads off!
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