Oops,wrong locker room


When I was in eighth grade we went on a trip at the end of the year to celebrate us going into high school and it was at a resort which was not too glamorous but was still fun until the end. I had just finished playing basketball with a bunch of my friends and I did not want to smell the entire ride home so I decided to take a shower, well they were working on a few things in that resort which included labeling the girls and boys locker rooms. I went into the girls locker room by mistake, and considering it was a room shower which is a large shower with different heads in one area I was in for a real surprise. I stripped naked and walked into the shower, when I looked next to me the first thing I noticed was a pair of boobs, then a girls vagina, and then I realized it was my extremely hot Spanish teacher who was naked right next to me. She did not realize at first that I was a boy until she turned and said,"Sweety can I borrow your washcloth, ohh my god!!".

I dont know who she was supposed to be talking to,but I high-tailed it and ran..I had her for another 2 weeks of school, but we never mentioned a thing..boy was I embarrassed every class I had her in!
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