Hang Around!


My friends and I are complete morons sometimes. We were hanging out (some guys, some girls) at my house when my dad asked me to get some of the branches off of the roof from a storm the other night. My friends got the ladder and I climbed up, each one following.

We got the branches and chucked them off the roof. My friends went down the ladder. I was last coming down. But as I walked to the ladder, I slipped and nearly fell off, but grabbed the gutter in time. I didn't want to drop because it was a pretty high roof at that point. I asked the guys for help, and they were about to, but decided to have some fun first.

One of them jumped up and grabbed my shorts (I had basketball shorts on) and yanked them down. They roared with laughter at my tighty-whities (I had been working out earlier and I usually wear briefs for working out) and called over my female neighbor whom I had gone out with for a few months. She came over, gave a weird smirk, and began to laugh. At this time, my shorts were still around my ankles, but when I moved them slightly, they fell off.

I wanted to let go and beat the crap out of them, but I was still worried because of the height, and the landing beneath me wasn't very flat. Knowing this was a moment to "cherish," all of them ran inside and found my digital camera, taking several shots of the moment. I was cursing like hell, and finally took all my strength and pulled myself back up onto the roof. Still without any pants, I curled up as to not attract any unwanted attention as they ran inside, downloaded the pictures, and sent them out to their own computers through e-mail-all while I waited to get down.

When they had finally finished, they helped me down, some friends huh?!
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