Handcuff horror


I've had many embarrassing moments in my 47 years of life.

One of them comes to mind now, and it was horrible at the time, but now my hubby and I laugh about it. Here goes:

My husband and I were not married yet, but we had a serious relationship going on. We didn't live together, because both of us owned our own homes. One night during hanky panky, I pulled out REAL police handcuffs that a cop gave to me. I had a queen size brass bed, and handcuffed my then boyfriend to the posts of the brass headboard. We had a wild time, but when the fun was over, I couldn't find the keys to the handcuffs. I also had NO idea where they might be. I searched my home to no avail. I finally called the police and told them this embarrassing story. They laughed like hell, but came to my home right away

Did I mention that my Billy was stark naked??? We were both soooooo embarrassed. Fortunately, in those days, cops had the same keys to fit ALL of the REAL police handcuffs. The officers could not stop laughing, because Billy was not only stark naked, but he was also "spread eagle". LOL.

I don't think that we will ever live that one down. We really don't care anymore, and now we DO laugh at that embarrassing moment.
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