Bad Luck?


I went over to a friend's house for a party one night, just a small one, three guys, three girls. We got a little drunk and one of the guys suggested we play strip poker!

So we started playing and it got quite exciting - two of the guys had taken off their tops (I started to think maybe us girls would see the guys naked pretty soon!). The next few hands went the wrong way though and I lost my top and skirt, the other girls were also half-naked and we were getting worried. The next hand came and I lost again! I slowly took off my bra and tried to cover my boobs from the guys! This happened to all the girls and the guys had only lost one hand in between (one guy was in his underwear). The guys started teasing us as saying how they were going to see us naked but this made me more determined to win. We played the next hand and I lost again. I groaned and the guys all laughed as I slowly lowered my last piece of clothing! I was so embarrassed, especially as one of the other girls was naked too by now and none of the guys were. The third girls then lost her underwear so all of us girls were completely naked and the guys laughed and laughed. I got really mad with them, so when one got up top leave I reached out and pulled his underwear right down exposing him to all the girls! He fell down clutching his modesty but he also dropped some cards! The guys had been cheating and tricked us in getting naked!

we got dressed and stormed out and went home - it was so humiliating.
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