Hows your day?


This happened a while i snuck into my boyfriends house cause his room is in the attic. so i sunck up and we were having sex and we were being kind of loud, the good thing was that we had the tv on. we were all into into it when we heard some noises outside of his room we thought it was one oof his brothers messing around so we didnt pay any attention, then the knocking got more louder and it was his dad saying that he wanted to talk to him and to open the door. i literary jumped under that bed naked on the cold floor, and he threw the blankets on the floor to hide my clothes that were scattered all over the room.

So, then his dad comes in and starts asking him how his day was and if he was hungry - they start having a whole conversation, and all the time, im hiding under the bed completely naked, his dad having NO IDEA! :)
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