Hey! Look over here!


One day my best friend, his girlfriend, this girl Cait that liked me (but i didn't like back), and one other girl all went to his girlfriend's aunt's house to go swimming b/c her aunt went away for the weekend.

We had just got done eating and decided to go swimming. My friend went inside to get changed b/c he was wearing jeans. His girlfriend and her friend were already in the pool and i didnt know where Cait was, but i didnt think anything of it. So im wearing basketball shorts and a beater since were going swimming. Then i am taking my beater off as my friends girlfriend yells Steve look over here!!!! So my beater is around my head as i look and the next thing i know is Cait, who had apparently been hiding, snuck up behind me and pulled my shorts down sooo fast that my boxers came down with them. So i am standing there with my beater around my head and my shorts and boxers down around my ankles leaving me there basically completely naked. I try and pull my shorts up as quick as i could but they got tangled. All i hear is " oh Cait your so bad" and giddy laughter out of the 3 girls. I had been set up good and was left really embarrassed that they had tricked me into getting a look at my package, 3 girls who i didont even like made it even worse that they had seen my dick and look at me with a weird look now!!?
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