Uhh, want a tampon, anyone?


Well, let's start this story off at a not so embarrassing part.

I was at my crushes' house, his name was Matt. I was there with my friend. We were sitting on his bed when I felt something familar. "Uhh, Theresa?" I looked at my friend. I whispered in her ear that I had started my period. (Not for the first time). "What? What's wrong?" Matt asked. "Uhh, Crystal needs a tampon. Like, now." Theresa said. I blushed. My crush just sat there, a little stunned. "Ok.. there's one in the bathroom cupboard." He said. "Alright." I said, embarrassed. I stood up and walked out the door to the bathroom. I took a tampon, put it in and looked for a garbage to throw the applicater in. I couldn't find one! I knew if I threw it in the toilet, it might overflow. I walked into my crushes room. He was watching some tv. "Uhh, I need to throw this out." I said. "Okay.." He opened the garbage. Of corse, there was NOTHING IN THERE! So I threw the applicater in the COMPLETELY EMPTY garbage. I was blushing so hard my face was probably as red as the blood on the tip of the applicater!
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