Not quite over a stomach virus...


After 2 weeks of an awful stomach virus and sinus infection, a guy friend of mine and I went to the mall to get out of the house.

We were in a department store looking around and I started coughing, you know that annoying little hack that lingers with mucus. Well my guy friend went over to the other side of the store and I was real glad b/c I could feel my stomach pinching in knots, and that could only mean one thing to me, I had
to get to the bath room fast!!

Before I knew it I was coughing and letting little "poots" out like crazy along with a viscous odor. IT WAS AN AWFUL SMELL!!!

Then the burning in my stomach started and I was bent over I was
coughing so hard I didn't see my guy friend standing behind me.

He asked if I was okay and walked me over to the bathroom so I could pull it together. After I "relieved" myself and got a drink of water, he suggested that we go ahead and head home. I thought I had got away with the disgusting display in the department store until I started coughing again in the car and my guy friend rolled both of the windows down ...

it wouldn't have been that noticeable, but it was raining outside!!!!!!! I knew then he had seen, heard and smelt the whole thing!!
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