Vibrating Suitcase


My husband was on a trip to Florida with his buddies, so I flew in with my parents a week later and we were all going to meet up for a vacation together. Another couple, friends of my parents, were also meeting us there.

Since my husband had not arrived yet, Dad and his friend helped me carry in my luggage. All of a sudden, we heard the most "gosh-awful" racket and couldn't figure out what in the heck it was. It was shaking the room and wouldn't stop so we guessed it might be the plumbing. We were all searching everywhere in the room (bathroom, kitchen, living area, bedroom, etc.). All of a sudden I realized the sound was coming from my suitcase and it could only be one thing.....OUR "VIBRATOR"!!

Since you don't tell your father or his friends that you carry a vibrator in your luggage, I had to think quick! I told them, "never mind, I know what it is and I'll get it". My nosy father was very quick to say...."well, what the heck is it???". I said..."it's our alarm clock and it must have gone off by mistake". Ever-the-gentleman, my dad immediately headed for the suitcase and said, "I'll shut it off for you". I ran for the su! itcase and told him, "that's OK, I know right where it is and how to shut it off so it will be quicker if I get it." I then had to reach into the suitcase.....without opening it very far....find the "alarm clock" and turn it off.

Thank goodness, neither he nor his friend thought anything more about it, but my husband and I were both "rolling on the floor" laughing when he arrived later and I told him what happened. Also, we had a bigger laugh later that same evening, when we thought how lucky I was that it "went off" in the motel room and NOT on the airplane!!

Needless to say, I now remove the batteries when we travel with our "alarm clock"!!
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