My little brother


My little brother and I are total opposites. He has started smoking,drinking and is always rebeling against authority and he is only 14. I am a senior in high school and I am looking forward to college. One day last week my mom had to work late so she told me to make sure he did his homework and that he was not to have any company. After we did our chores I went to wash my hair and take a shower. All of a sudden, I hear our fire alarm going off. I jumped out the shower,grabbed a towel and went to see what was happening. It was 3 of my brothers friends smoking in the house! I was furious. I yelled at them and told them to get the h#*^ out of here and told my brother he will be grounded for life when I tell mom. Next thing I know he grabbed my towel and said he would pull it off if I didn't promise not to tell. As I tried to get away he started pulling harder. Then his friends joined in and took it off me. There I was naked in front of all of them. They had me surrounded so I could get away. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life.
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