Nowhere to go!


Here's a story I hope you enjoy, was really funny at the time and still makes me giggle when thinking back.

I was at a Phil Collins concert in Philly with a guy I was dating. I think I was around 21 then, a very dumb 21. We had a few beers at the concert but i could never get to the bathroom cause the lines were miles long. We left while the concert was just ending to avoid all the traffic and he said for me to skip the bathroom, let's hurry. I thought I could hold it, wasn't that bad so we left. Well I guess we weren't the only people wanting to leave early to beat the traffic cause it was crazy trying to get out of the stadium parking lot...also I believe a baseball game had ended and the streets were packed from those people too. Reaching the highway I realized i had to seriously go....I mean it was getting bad, but we were stuck in a traffic jam. I dove into the back seat and told him I was going to go in anything I could find...I found a large discarded McDonalds cup with the lid and he said that'd be i unzipped my pants, pulled them all the way down and was ready when I looked up out the window. I couldn't go because we were right next to a semi truck...and the guy driving kept looking down at us...he could see into the back seat. My date and I were laughing about the truck driver peeking...which made things worse for me, any laughter was pushing on my bladder and it was near impossible to hold in. I had to quickly sit down, cover myself up and wait until one of our vehicles edged along. Finally, as I was ready to burst the truck moved farher ahead...I got off the seat, held the cup under me and let loose. Well, that cup was filling up, higher and higher....and I was praying i was done soon cause it was going to overflow. But it never seemed to top off, I couldn't figure it out and I was still peeing.... Then I realized there was a small hole in the bottom of the cup.....I panicked as I knew it was emptying out on my jeans and the hole just blew out all over my jeans around my ankles. My pants were completely saturated, as were my sneakers. At least my date had a sense of humor about it....I felt awful there was pee all over the floorboard. I had to get the jeans all the way off and found a bag to shove them into. Rode home from Philly half naked....and when we got back to his house, he had to park a block away....all the parking spots were taken. I had to streak through the cities back ally ways to his house. Only to discover his parents were still up and watching tv in the living room. Let me tell you I ran so fast through his house and behind them and up those stairs they never had a chance to see me.
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