Great flirting technique


My most embarrassing moment was when I was working as a Sales Assistant in a large department store.

Every day this one particular guy used to come in and buy whatever he needed.

I really had the hots for this guy, and made sure that it was I that served him every day. He used to make my heart skip a beat, he really did. I was on a natural high after I had spoken to him and he made me go all gooey!

One particular morning he asked for something that wasn't on display, I was only too happy to get him what he wanted from the storeroom.

I very casually came from behind the counter, and with my best sexy wiggle walked over to the three stairs which led to the storeroom.

As I stepped onto the three stairs - I farted on every one, I was so embarrassed I hid in the storeroom until he had gone, and I couldn't ever serve him again.
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