CoWorkers Naked Revenge


I went on a work outing with all the guys and girls from my work. We went down to the beach on a really hot day! Me and one of the other girls were eyeing up one of the guys, trying to get a glimpse of him as he changed inso swimshorts under a towel - then my friend just ran over to him and pulled off the towel, leaving him stark naked for all us girls to see! He was really embarrassed and pulled on his shorts really quick - he then walked off while we were still laughing. We walked off down the beach and layed down to sunbathe. This is when he came back! HE held both me and my friend down amd pulled off our bikinis - he then pulled away our towels leavingus with nothing - totally exposed! We ran after him into crowds of people who took pictures!

The worst part was that those pictures were circulated around work!
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