I normally wear undies, honest!

From: Mbaresed

On day I wore a really cool mini-skirt, and decided that day i would act cool and get my crushes attention.

So in homeroom, the MOST popular girl says somthing in front of the class (before the teacher arrived), and i got her REALLY bad (a extreme diss) and everyone laughed.It was great...until later....

After gym my coach called my over to talk to me about being the captian of my volleyball team. She told me all my new responsibilities and then i ran to the locker room. Almost everyone had taken a shower and left, so i quickly stripped and jumped into the shower. When i got out, the place was deserted, and then the bell rang for the start of my next class. I threw on my bra, then glanced around for my undies. I looked everywhere but could not find them. The late bell rang and it was then that i realized that amanda, the popular gal i dissed, probably did this. So i figured id just get the day over with and hopefully nothing would happen and i wouldnt be embarressed....boy, was i wrong....

I got thru all my classes conceled, but, as i realized, we had to go to the auditorium for the last 15min of school, as it was the first monday of the month.

It was then that i was called up to recieved the "kind schoolmate award".

I was excited; id never won anything like this before, so i ran up to the stage to recieve the certificate, when my mini-skirt got snagged on the edge of the principals podium, and pulled my skirt off.

There was a hushed silence before the laughs, taunts, and other torturus call-outs. My skirt was ripped right down the side, so i couldnt wear it, oblivously. I stood up there for almost 5 min,with no covering at all except my shirt, tryin to put my ruined skirt back on.

I finally ran off the stage, abandoning my certificate, went to my locker, and grabbed my backpack. I, of course, took the bus, so i just thru on my gym shorts and ran home, not caring about the bus.

It was terrible. I had to go to school the next day and i was made fun of for the rest of the year. And it was only september.....