Naked Hotel Disaster

From: Amy

Well i was 17 and i was going on a road trip with my friends and we went swimming in the hotel pool that we were staying at and we were just doing stupid stuff like i pulled the string on my friends top but she didnt get mad or anything like that, because it was just us out there...anyways we went back up to the room and my two friends went to go to the store so it was just me and carly going back up to the room. so we got back up there and i went in the bathroom to change into clothes so i took off my bikini and my friend was like freakin out and was telling me to go out there so i wrapped a towel around me and walked out and she was like look and pointed down the hall so i looked out there and when i did she pushed me and grabbed my towel and shut the door!

I was freaking out tellin her to let me back in and she was just laughing at me! Luckily there was nobody in the hallway yet but i had to do something so i have really nowhere to go so im just standing there hopeping she lets me back in and then i here the elevator ring and i knew sumone was coming! so i run down the hall and get in the laundry room which was a bad decision because there were two ladies in there! so i ran back out and pounded on the door again and no answer so this elevator full of people come out and see me there butt naked im trying to cover my crotch and boobs so im tring to cover up and they were just looking at me in shock and i was like i got locked out of my room! and the lady in the elevator was like i'll go down to the front desk for you so i go down there walking behind her trying to keep covered best i can and i get a key finaly and go back up passing a few other people and i opened the door to see my friend jus watching tv!

I was so mad and embarrassed!








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  • emily


    to paul the guy with tons of questions... to explain your logic lapses when a person is in that kind of situation their adrenaline rush and fear clouds their common sense if anything i am surprised she had the mind to explain the story to the people on the elevator instead of just running down to the front desk herself or running into a bathroom in the hall if there is one. if your so smart with your lapses in logic why didnt u think of that? i mean seriously this is an embarrasing story of coarse there will be horrible mistakes thats what makes it EMBARRASSING
  • Anonymous


    This is to Paul (the first guy on the previous comments list): The person who told this story is a girl, so that would be kind of dumb for her to be excited about seeing two ladies in a laundry room? How about next time, you should look back in the story to find out that she mentions her boobs in the story. That's how you should know that she was a chick. Duh, use your head next time.
  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: ...


    she's mean.
  • Paul


    Why was it so bad to be in the laundry room with the two ladies? Wasn't that actually a good situation for you? Couldn't you have explained your situation to them and gotten them to lend you a towel?

    And why did you feel you had to accompany the helpful lady down to the front desk naked, where there might have been a lot more people who could see you? Wouldn't it have made more sense for you to stay where you were and wait for a hotel employee--hopefully female--to come up and help you? Also, whether you went down to the front desk or stayed in the hall, wouldn't it have made sense for you to get the helpful lady to lend you a towel from her room before anything else?

    Given these lapses in logic, I wonder if this story is true.